Why Summer Camps?

Ever wondered why teens look forward to summer camps? For a first timer, there is that feeling of uncertainty, not knowing what to expect. Infact, many times you discover that the teens feel forced by their parents to attend these camps.

Some teenagers feel comfortable with their own space, inside the four walls of their bedrooms, they have all what they need. A 14 year old said when asked how long he could spend in his room; ” if I could have uninterrupted power supply, unlimited wifi, my PS4 and I-phone , please just forget me in the room”.

As hilarious as this may seem, the teens world is gradually becoming smaller as social interaction is now being limited to the use of technology alone. A 12 year old can boast of having over 7,000 followers on Instagram and assume that the followers are automatically “friends” because of the like button being clicked by them when a post is put up.

Summer camps help to break the chains that tie teenagers to the unrealistic world of the screen. It is advisable that one of the rules for being on camp should be “all gadgets aside”. as berserk as this might be to a teenager that spends 20hours of the day using different gadgets, you will realize that the few days without them brings out the potentials in the teenagers.

They begin to enjoy that social interaction isn’t just on Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram alone but physical engagement with other peers is more healthier than the online interaction they have been wired into.

A teenager that came into a summer camp looking grumpy ended up in tears at the end of camp. He actually didn’t want to leave, as he couldn’t believe the emotions and excitement he felt around his other peers. In his words, “I can’t wait for next year’s camp, as this experience is one I would cherish for a long time , I have made real friends who have become brothers, am so happy I decided to come even though I was forced to at first”.

Let your teens come experience that which can’t be learnt from the walls of their bedrooms.


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