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Today, most parents, teachers and care givers for teenagers are constantly faced with a growing sense of inadequacy to meet the challenges of parenting, nurturing and reaching out to their teenagers. There is a widening gap because teen years are a time of transition, a period of crisis and a season of quest for identity for young people. Teenagers develop new peculiarities in these years including a strong sense for adventure for anything new: social media, music, movies, relationship, games, pornography etc.

Bridging the Gap

In 1992, Solid Foundation was formed as a non-governmental organization with the sole aim of caring for teens by reaching out to teenagers themselves and also by equipping parents, schools, religious and social organizations and other stakeholders that engage teenagers, with the necessary knowledge and tools to meet the challenges of raising adolescents. Our over 25 years of teens’ work give us the firm conviction that where parents and care-givers create relationship opportunities and the right environment, teenagers grow and develop with the right identity to become productive and responsible members of the larger society in their adult years.