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We are a Non-Governmental Organization with the sole aim of reaching out to and caring for teenagers. We are a group of people from all walks of life that are passionate about the redemption of teenagers. It is evident that today’s teenagers are under the siege of value disorientation and high moral looseness. Our aim is to help address issues that negatively impact adolescents and hamper them from fulfilling their God-given potentials.

We organize teenager focused workshops, trainings, camps, problem solving clinics, counseling sessions and more for teenagers, individuals, groups and other organizations interested in teenagers welfare. Since 1992, we have been equipping parents, schools, teen’s workers, churches and related groups with the knowledge, tools and resources to help them reach out more effectively to young people.

Recognizing that teenagers are the future of our nation and the leaders of tomorrow and that the adolescents of today are faced with many daunting challenges that can derail them, we help young people and the stakeholders in their lives navigate the peculiar teen years. We provide counseling for teenagers facing adolescent issues and also make effort to organize interventions for at-risk teenagers involved with anti-social vices. Our goal is to re-establish sound moral values in the lives of young people and help teenagers grow into mature, responsible, productive and well adjusted adults.

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