“Know them Love them Reach them” Workshops

We run our “Know them Love them Reach them” workshops as annual capacity building sessions whose dates are fixed by SOLID or on request by organizations, churches, or schools. There are two options available – a comprehensive and intensive 2 day workshop that covers the entire curriculum, or a less intensive 1day workshop that covers a section of the curriculum. Checkout our training brochure here. To find out about our next “Know them Love them Reach them” workshop, please call +234(0)8028903379 or send a request to contactsolid@yahoo.co.uk or info@solidfoundationngo.org.

Two day training:

Module 1:
a. Understanding the teenager
: Helps teen trainers/ workers understand the changes that occur in the life of our teenagers and how to react to them. It also highlights possible pressures that teenagers have gone or are going through, in a bid to help guide them through their daily struggles.

b. Teen’s culture: this module highlights the culture of our teenagers and will help teen trainers/ workers effectively utilize the elements of their culture to draw our teenagers closer to God and the Church too.

Module 2: Building the teens’ church: this helps churches/ ministries assess their teens’ church/ arm and highlights possible avenues to help enhance the teenage ministry through the use of games, music, and other elements which were discussed within the Teen’s culture module.

Module 3: Building the individual teen: In this module we discuss possible problem solving techniques which teen trainers/ workers could utilize to help solve the problems their teenagers face. It addresses avenues in which the teen trainers could enhance their listening, problem solving and counseling skills

Module 4: Teen – parent relationship: this module seeks to highlight possible ways in which the teen trainer/ worker could help their teenagers build and/or enhance their relationships with their parents.


One day training:

Module 1: Teens World: Highlights the characteristics and culture of a teenager. It helps the teen trainer/ worker relate better with their teens and helps to understand why they act or react in certain ways.

Module 2: Pleasures and pressures: This module talks about the pressures that our teenagers go through, how they could possibly turn them into pleasures and how to help them face these challenges to come out of them a better person.

Module 3: Incubator: This module helps the trainers enhance their teens church and how they structure activities as well as.

Module 4: Rescue: This highlights how teen trainers/ workers can help teenagers come out of the loop of falling into bad habits and help ‘rescue’ the lost.