Church Missions

This is an arm of Schools’ Mission that is focused on teens and youth churches and groups. We can reach out to your teenagers directly or just provide support for your teens’ church and teen’s workers. On invitation, we minister to young people on teens’ related issues using our unique style and specially designed curricula.


Setup, Restructure or Revive your Teens’ Church

We can also help in the establishment, restructuring or revival of your teens’ church and also provide guidance and mentorship to the teens’ ministers that will continue the work.


For teens’ churches that engage us, we do a 6 month to 1 year every Sunday visit with the following goals:

  • To model to the Counsellors how to build an effective teens church (Effective in the sense of spiritual content, fun for the teenagers and spiritual development and maturity of the teens over time)
  • To teach the counsellors how to understand/know teens in this present age. Know the language they speak, the culture and challenges etc
  • Teach the counselling principles of solving the problems teenagers


Capacity Building for Teens Workers

We build individual and collective capacity for effective outreach to teenagers. We can train your Teens Workers on how to understand young people, how to relate with them appropriately and how to create the enabling environment that facilitates the bringing out of the best in them. Through our training, we bridge the gap between enthusiasm and competence in their dispensation of their duties.


Engage us

To request that we minister, help establish, restructure or revive your teens’ church, or run a Capacity Building workshop for your teens’ workers, please call +234(0)8028903379 or send a request to